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  It was sunrise, Summer Solstice, 21 December. We met at the edge of the water. There was a sliver of time before the torrential rains would arrive. We opened up the Four Directions, calling in the four sons of Tate, the Wind: Wiyohpeyata, Waziyata, Wiyohiyanpata, Itokagata. We added Wankatakiya (above) and Makatakiya (below) and […]

My First Tipi

My first tipi, crafted by Rainbow Tipi Company in Lennox Head, was a sixteen footer with thirteen poles for the thirteen moons (each pole has a name) and two half-moon screen windows plus a pull-out verandah with screening in the back for extra ventilation. It was a beauty, with Wanbli (Eagle) at the opening as […]